Development History

  • November/December 2012: A vague plan to start an 8-way scrolling jump'n run
    was made.
  • December 2012: The level editor was written.
  • January 2013: The game has got a name. First graphics (Maya) and test map.
  • February 2013: Hero animations. First map scrolling in the game. Starting
    with hero map collision checks.
  • March 2013: Interaction with background objects (bridge, crushing stone
    blocks). Sprites to display messages. Sound effects. First Maya level.
    First simple monster movements. Dying animation sequences.
  • April 2013: More complex monster animations (bat, jumping fish, etc.).
    Starting with Mansion graphics and maps. Collisions with monsters.
    Collectable gems and gold coins in the maps.
  • May 2013: Checkpoints. Mansion monsters.
  • June 2013: Menu. Introduction sequence.
  • August 2013: Loading animation. Egypt graphics and maps.
  • September 2013: Egypt music and debugging the maps.
  • October 2013: Planning and design of new features in the Babylon world.
    First Babylon graphics and monsters.
  • November 2013: Babylon maps. High score table. Announcing the release
    for this year. Recruiting beta testers.
  • December 2013: Statistics screen. End sequence. Lots of map reworking,
    debugging and bug fixing. Partly redesign of Maya graphics. Trying to
    increase game difficulty. Release...

Hand drawings

Here you can find some drawings and level maps for Solid Gold.

Level maps

Animations and tiles