Celtic Heart (2019)

This game was written over a few weeks in the beginning of 2019, largely based on the Trap Runner engine. It has a medieval setting, where you are playing the celtic knight Eric on his task to save the kingdom from an evil force. One important modification from the Trap Runner engine is that the hero uses a short-range missile, also known as magical strike, to kill his enemies. It takes a short time before the magical strike is effective and it only works in his near vicinity, so you need some good timing to hit.

Celtic Heart was started as a small internal project to test some new techniques, so it is neither as polished as Trap Runner nor will there ever be a physical release of it. As a consequence the gameplay is a little bit underdeveloped.

List of Features

  • Runs on any classic Amiga. Minimun requirements: 512K Chip-RAM and 1 MB total.
  • Written in 100% 68000 assembler.
  • 50fps, soft parallax scrolling.
  • Handdrawn pixels.
  • A dozen soundtracks and many different sound effects.
  • Options menu with joypad-button configuration, ECS-borderblank, sound-check, etc.
  • Passwords for each level.
  • Writable options and high score table.
  • Outro story when finishing the game.
  • Comes as fully packed disk (Doynamite compressed) with trackloader.

Development tools used

  • vasmm68k cross assembler
  • any C compiler (for the tools, not for the game)
  • TilEd map editor
  • Renoise and Milkytracker for music
  • Gimp for graphics


  • Programming: Frank Wille
  • Original concept, graphics, music, level design: Gerrit Wille