Trap Runner Bonus Worlds

This one is dedicated to all Amiga users who had fun in playing our game Trap Runner.

Special features:

  • New introduction story.
  • Two brand new worlds, spanning 4 classical jump'n run levels, 1 jetpack level and 1 final bossfight each world.
  • 10 new songs plus some short jingles.
  • Two new game elements: Pushing boxes and jumping on a trampoline.
  • New Outro.

Hope you've a lot of fun playing the Bonus worlds!



Development tools used

  • vasmm68k cross assembler
  • any C compiler (for the tools, not for the game)
  • TilEd map editor
  • Renoise and Milkytracker for music
  • Gimp for graphics


  • Programming: Frank Wille
  • Original concept, graphics, music, level design: Gerrit Wille