Solid Gold (2013)

Solid Gold is a Jump'n Run with 8-way soft scrolling. It is written for the classic Amiga hardware and designed in the style of the early 90s. The game features ten levels spanning four worlds, with different graphics and enemies. Each level's goal is to find an artefact which will lead the way to the next world.

System requirements: Any classic Amiga with at least 1 MB RAM.

During 2012 Gerrit and Frank frequently talked about the possibility to make a new Amiga game and about what would be needed to do that with modern tools. At the end of the year there was a working 8-way scroll engine and a map editor, based on the ScrollingTrick by Georg Steger.

The Story

You are John Kayle, an adventurer and archeologist, trying to recover important artefacts in four different places of the world, competing with a mysterious secret society.


The game is played with a joystick in the second port. Recommended is a Competition Pro like input device, but also game pads are supported, including their secondary fire button.

Running left: joystick left
Running right: joystick right
Jumping: joystick up (or secondary button)

You can control the hero in mid-air while jumping by moving the joystick
left or right.

The first button (the only button on typical Amiga joysticks) is only used
in the menu and to start the game.


  • Frank Wille - code
  • Gerrit Wille - graphics, sound, music, level design
  • Pierre Horn - story
  • David Steves - beta testing
  • Marcus Gerards - beta testing