The Year 1988

Pacman (finished game)

The first finished game in pure 68k assembler was developed between 1987 and 1988. Using the OS (graphics.library) for sprites, text and drawing. The AI for moving the ghosts was quite simple.

Title graphics by Gerrit.

Development tools used

SEKA assembler, DPaint III.


Dungeons of Death (unfinished)

A simple dungeon crawler, probably inspired by Wizardry and Bard's Tale. It even has a small 3D representation of the dungeon. There was just a single test level. Input was done with stdio functions over the CLI, because Frank was still struggling with writing his own input handler.

Most graphics by Gerrit.

Development tools used:

Aztec-C compiler, DPaint III.


Kaiser (finished game)

A huge project, compared with everything done in the past. And it also was a big success, as even friends enjoyed playing it. There were many sessions where the game was played with three or four players, sometimes over several days. The original C64 Kaiser was perfectly replicated in all aspects, including the battle between kingdoms. Although the code used the OS it was far from perfect and got several updates until 1990 - for example to make it work with more than 512K or Fast RAM. Kaiser has some music (title and promotions), but only sampled. No tracker music.

Graphics by Gerrit.

Development tools used

Aztec-C compiler, DPaint III

Tron (finished game)

Another pure assembler game using OS functions. The Tron/Snake game concept at its simplest. Although it supports up to four players, which can make it some fun. A beep and an endless engine sound is the only audio in the game.

Development tools used

SEKA asssembler.