Warzone (1994)

We found some very old disks of a project called "Warzone". It started in 1994 but the main gameplay doesn't work and has not been finished.

Frank wrote a great routine for playing extra-long samples from disk. The whole introduction story was spoken by Pierre and recorded to tape deck, then put as samples onto disk. So you could watch some pictures and hear the story in spoken words (in german) at the same time.

The main gameplay was planned to be a kind of "Pirates"/"Rings of Medusa"-style.

The options in the towns were mostly finished (buy troops, trade with goods). And we had a map, so you could move some test units. Unfortunately the development stopped at some point because of lack of time.

Pierre did some more contributions to the project, like collecting data about the features, strength and weaknesses of all unit types regarding the terrain they are standing on. He filled a complete book with statistics.

Frank did the whole programming. Gerrit all the graphics and music, including game design.

Development tools used

C, Gamelib (developed by Frank, which makes it easy to play modules or show graphics), DPaint III, Protracker.